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10 Simple But Effective SEO Tips

Post: Rabu, 01 Juni 2011 - 14:42:50 WIB - In: SEO - Dilihat: 1.290 kali

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10 Simple But Effective SEO Tips

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is the practice of making a website more visible to search engines to hopefully increase the chance of a higher page ranking. By appearing more often, and higher up, in search results your website will potentially attract more visitors. There are many different ways to improve your SEO and gain higher page rankings, listed below are some of the simplest but also most effective ways to improve your SEO.


If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet for your website, then consider registering one with a keyword in it. This will help increase the chances of it being shown high up in search results for that keyword.

1. Page title

The page title plays a very important part in your website’s SEO as it gives the search engine a good indication of the content of your website. It should contain descriptive keywords relative to your site’s content and ideally shouldn’t be longer than about 5 or 6 words.

2. META Description

The META description is used by most search engines as the description under the link for each search result. It should contain keywords describing the content of your website, written in concise sentences as to not make the description look like spam. The description should ideally be between 50 and 150 characters and no more than 200 at most.

3. Original content

Don’t take content from other websites, write it yourself and update your website regularly. Focus keywords in well written, original content. If possible, try and get keywords in the first couple of sentences of each paragraph.

4. Backlinks

The more authoritative backlinks on high ranking pages you have linking to your website the more search engines will value your website. Links on related websites with keywords pointing to your site will be invaluable.

5. H1 Tag

Use the <h1></h1> tag near the start of your page with a focused keyword. Ideally only use it once per page as some search engines consider this as a way to promote less relevant content. Make use of <h2> and <h3> tags too.

6. Image descriptions

Making sure that every one of your images has a relevant alt attribute tag to that image, as this will provide search engines with important information which will help increase SEO.

7. Check for broken links

Check your website for any broken links. Any broken links will lower the relevance of your website in search results. You can use this website to check for broken links.

8. XML Sitemap

Create a sitemap to help search engines navigate around your website and determine the most important and relevant pages. Upload it to the root of your website. You can create an xml sitemap using this website.

9. Link your pages together

Use keywords and the title attribute in links on your site to help your users and the search engine spiders navigate from page to page. This will help more of your pages get indexed quickly and possibly reduce the bounce rate of your visitors.

10. Manually submit your site to search engines

If you manually submit your site to search engines rather than using an automated system you will have a higher chance of it being accepted. Only submit it once, otherwise your site may get banned from the search engine. Use the links below to submit your website to the big search engines.

Google: http://www.google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl
Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html
Bing: http://www.bing.com/webmaster/SubmitSitePage.aspx

These tips are just a few simple things that you can implement to try and boost your SEO. There is no one definitive way to gain higher page rankings it is a combination of many different factors, so keep improving your website and hopefully you may start to see the results!

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